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The Toic Advantage

Zeljko (Jocko) Toic is registered as a Dealing Representative with Cape Cove Financial. Serving British Columbia, Alberta And Now Ontario.

Jocko is a Financial Planner. He was trained by a large national financial company, and realized the shortcomings for clients and concluded ‘clients deserve something better’.

Jocko has aligned his business with some of the best investment opportunities available.  His goal is to provide his clients with diversified, non-correlated investment solutions to not only protect their capital but provide growth.

Jocko realized the gaping need in the industry for wealth managers who do not just “say” they put client’s needs first, but to actually follow through.

Jocko has seen that in most other investment companies, the products are placed ahead of clients’ needs. Early in his career, Jocko vowed to do it differently. He believes in educating his clients and then putting his skills to work for them. He puts his clients first — always — ensuring he builds an investment structure that best positions them for success. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I believe in transparency with my clients. I apply my experience, education, and industry knowledge to build the strongest portfolio that has your interests, not mine, at heart.” – Jocko Toic


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An independent portfolio management firm offering investment services

Coming from the foreign exchange market, Cape Cove is an emerging portfolio management firm that has been offering traditional and alternative investment solutions since 2016. Cape Cove continues to expand its services with the addition of a highly experienced and seasoned team of exempt market and mutual fund representatives.

These complementary divisions create a unique and dynamic firm whose multi-disciplinary culture makes it possible to provide added value to its clients. We firmly believe that our vast expertise maximizes the chances of success and reduces the volatility and risk in our clients’ portfolios.