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Loses Hurt More Than Gains Help – Big Risk Small Reward

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  • Loses Hurt More Than Gains Help – Big Risk Small Reward

By Jocko Toic / May 16, 2018

Investing in the Stock Market today is like picking up nickels in front of steam roller….Lots of risk for little reward…

I found this great article by Adam Taggart on that many current stock market investors should heed. You need to review and understand the risk you are taking before a major market moves. The following is quote from the article.

The short video below uses these insights to deliver a simple message: In today’s over-inflated, over-leveraged, over-manipulated markets, why on earth would a rational person not be prioritizing protecting their financial wealth?

Given the outsized risks, as well as our natural programming to feel losses more severely, pursuing incremental gains at this point is downright dangerous if one doesn’t already have a contingency plan in place for a market downturn. 

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