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By Jocko Toic / February 1, 2019

ince the inception of the Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust (“CREOT”), the fund has historically provided investors with:

  • Attractive total returns and relatively higher-risk adjusted returns.
  • Real portfolio diversification.
  • Downside protection during market downturns.
  • A hedge against inflation.

From a risk-adjusted returns perspective measured over a time period from September 2014 to July 2018, (as indicated by the chart below), the Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust  illustrates the returns from this fund has been significantly less volatile than the returns associated with US & Canadian Equities, High Yield Bonds, Public REITs and Gold.


  • CREOT’s performance is right in line with its closes comparable, the Centurion Apartment REIT with similar risk profile.
  • CREOT has a lower risk profile than the iShare Canadian Government Bond ETF the while delivering equity-like returns.
  • CREOT has outperformed the iShare S&P/TSX 60 ETF by 50% with approximately 60% less volatility.
  • Performance* 2018 Return 9.95% | 4-yr Compounded Trailing Returns 11.26% | Since Inception Rate of Return 10.88%. * As at December 31, 2018 Visit Centurion.ca for full disclaimer.

Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust (“CREOT”)

  • The CREOTis an income and growth-oriented trust that invest in a diversified portfolio of mortgages and opportunistic real estate developments and investments in Canada and U.S.
    • Investors pool their funds to invest in mortgage and growth-oriented real estate opportunities and participate in the yields from interest income and net profit from the sales of completed multi-residential, student housing, and commercial construction projects.
  • The CREOT is suited to investors who are seeking capital preservation, income and capital appreciation with low market volatility.
  • The CREOT provides income, stability and low correlation to the public markets

Why Invest In the CREOT:

  • Results- Oriented – Targeted annual total return between 7% – 12%.
  • Monthly Income – A Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) is also available with a 2% discount to NAV.
  • Consistent Returns – Stable, rational pricing with low volatility and low correlation to major equity markets.
  • Easy Investment Options – Eligible for RRSP and Non-RRSP accounts.

I have attached the CREOT’s Fund Fact Sheet link for your perusal – https://centurion.ca/downloads/centurion-reot/REOT-Q4-2018-FFS_v3.pdf

Next upcoming CREOT Closings:

  • March Closing: Thursday February 28, 2019 with a Trade Date March 1, 2019.
  • April Closing: Friday March 29, 2019 with a Trade Date Monday April 1, 2019.

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