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A specialized and disciplined selection committee.

Exempt market securities do not require the issuer to file prospectus and therefore the due diligence process is essential when selecting products to offer our clients. Even though these products are primarily for accredited and eligible investors, Cape Cove always ensures that these investments are suitable for its clients.

Cape Cove operates as an exempt market dealer to provide its clients with alternative investments that are not correlated with the stock or bond markets. These innovative products have been gaining in popularity in recent years and Cape Cove wants to support its clients as they explore these new opportunities.

Products on the Exempt Market

AGROTECH VENTURES Inc. will gain direct and indirect exposure to the global Agricultural, Food and Beverage industry with a focus on the hemp and the cannabis industry. In order to mitigate the risk, AGROTECH will optimally target between 8 to 10 projects.

Type: Revenue and profit participation

Silvermont Finance intends to build a diverse portfolio by funding loans to borrowers secured by Hypothecs, Mortgages, guarantees, and other forms of collateral. Silvermont Finance will also make venture capital investments in which it shall have an active role.

Type: Revenue and profit participation

Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust is an income producing, diversified real estate income trust. The Core Trust provides the opportunity for investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of stabilized multi-residential rental properties, and participate in the profits derived from the portfolio.

Type: Return of capital and growth

Invest X Global Growth Equity Trust provides access to investments in late-stage private issuers in the technology, cloud computing, social media and other high growth areas which meet the fund’s pre-determined investment criteria.

Type: Growth

Intelife Partnership was formed to carry on business in the security and smart home automation industry in Canada. Based on a business model that is simple and easy to understand, leveraging a predictable revenue approach with real growth potential.

Type: Revenue and profit participation

Green River Finance has been in the private lending business for over 16 years. They offer highly profitable short term micro loans in the explosive growth market of second chance credit. GreenRiver closely follows lending regulations and has all the necessary permit to lend short term loans.

Type: Revenue

AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a privately held corporation that operates a mortgage business in Western Canada through short-term (1 year) mortgages.

Type: Revenue

Centurion Asset Management Inc. is one of Canada’s leading asset management companies specializing in real estate and other alternative asset classes.

Type: Revenue

ICM (IX) Real Estate Trust is a real estate investment opportunity focused on delivering income and growth for investors through the acquisition of a diversified portfolio of properties, predominantly in the U.S.

Type: Stable