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Many investors today are looking for honesty, integrity and competence. They have had poor experiences with the financial industry or have heard negative stories. The trend therefore is to find a financial planner that is not biased to promote a particular investment, but will work in the interest of the client. It is sad state of affairs, but unfortunately there is some truth.

How does your financial person get paid? It is the first question you need to ask. Are they working for you or for themselves? Now, obviously they need to get paid, but how? I have talked with many people over the years, and it’s amazing how many believe their person does not charge anything. The fees are hidden. There has been so much abuse in this area that the regulators are stepping in presently to change things up.

Some clients can greatly benefit with a financial plan, others just need a simple investment plan to get on the right path. We can help you determine what is best for you according to your circumstances. Some fee for service providers charge thousands of dollars for a fancy report full of charts, graphs and seaside pictures. Then you have to pay a licensed professional again to implement the investment side.

We will help you determine the best direction forward with honest, integrity and competence.