Guaranteed Investments at Competitive Interest Rates

GICs through Toic Wealth Management are an excellent choice for those who want guaranteed investment products with flexibility, security, and attractive rates. To begin your GIC education, here are some commonly asked questions regarding GICs.

What is a GIC?

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are an investment in which your principal and interest are guaranteed. Your money is locked-in for a determined term from 30 days up to 6 years The investor is guaranteed an interest rate for that term.


Compare GICs risk?

GICs are a conservative investment product with solid results. We work with fixed-rate GICs that are not dependent on the stock market for performance. (In other words, not market-linked or index-linked). The Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) insures deposits with an original date to maturity of 5 years or less at a bank for a maximum of $100,000 per account.. The Province of British Columbia Guarantees GIC’s offered by the Province’s Credit Unions for ANY amount including interest. Check out ‘Your Guide to British Columbia Credit Union Deposit Insurance’

GICs provide a predictable income and, as part of your diversified portfolio, they can deliver stability and growth.

Why not just buy GICs through my bank?

You could — but our rates are better. We can find you the highest rates on GICs at no upfront cost to you, our client. We can diversify across greater options to find the best rates.  GIC rates can be as much as 1.00%  higher than you would receive through your retail bank branch. That’s a difference worth considering!

Additionally, we also have a complete understanding of all the factors that go into your personal financial plan and keep your needs at the forefront, always.  


Can I cash my GIC if I need to?

Locked-in GICs give you an advantage with a higher rate. We often combine locked-in GICs with a laddering strategy.

Laddering GICs means dividing your money equally into GICs with terms of one through six years. Each year, you roll your maturing money into a new  certificate. If interest rates climb, you have a chance to buy in, giving you the opportunity to make a bit more than if you had all of your money in one GIC.

Cashable GICs are an option. They do provide for unexpected expenses, but you’ll receive a lower rate.

Current Rates

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