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By Jocko Toic / October 10, 2017

I have several investments available that pay monthly distributions. An example is secure Capital MIC that pays 8%/yr paid monthly. If an investor invests $50,000 she would receive $4,000/yr in interest or $333.33 per month. Invico Capital Diversified Income Fund has a 9% option. That investor would receive $375.00/m.

Other investment partners pay quarterly. Blucap Real Estate Fund and Hopitel Income fund are examples. Both funds pay 10%/yr paid quarterly. In the $50,000 example, investors receive $1,250/quarter.

I have a client I set up to get monthly income from his TFSA. He has $52,000 earning 10%/yr quarterly going into his TFSA at Olympia Trust. We have then created a monthly income transfer of $384.00 into his checking account completely TAX FREE.

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