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By Jocko Toic / February 24, 2017

I was in Montreal in December to visit head office. I also visited our investment partners based in Montreal. I met with Blucap’s Danny Shamir and his team at their offices in Mount Royal. Danny explained their business model and development goals. He took me to tour a completed project nearby. I was very impressed with the quality of the team and their completed project. Blucap Real-Estate Investment Fund is one of the core holdings I recommend for diversified portfolios. The offer is 10% per year paid monthly for a 5 year commitment. Contact for more information

Liquor Store Project

The following is from the BluCap website at


As we all well know, the securities market is intangible and highly volatile, and most mainstream real estate investments offer low returns with no immediate potential for value appreciation or increased cash-flow.  

The informed investor however is looking for solid, high return, low volatility investments.

 Due to underperformance and mismanagement choice properties can be undervalued, these assets offer the potential of strong value appreciation achieved through improved management, redevelopment, cosmetic enhancements and optimized operational efficiencies. The upgraded property is now brought to its highest and best use. 

Not everyone is capable of leveraging a property to its full potential, this is where the BLUCAP team excels. Our combined expertise in purchase, sales, leasing, financing, development, redevelopment, construction and management, creates an opportunistic situation in which we can master all levels of the life cycle for each of our projects, thus yielding more cash flow and increased property value. 

BLUCAP enhances the worth of it’s real estate holdings by maximizing property value and consistently taking full advantage of this appreciation.  

Our exit strategy evolves around a refinancing of the property based on the upgraded value, or selling of the property in order to generate positive available cash-flow for further investment possibilities.