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By Jocko Toic / August 25, 2017

Windsor Ontario Presence

Jocko Toic, Certified Financial Planner is excited to announce a presence in Windsor, Ontario. The financial industry is constantly changing, new investments are available and new regulations are being introduced. Investors and clients are looking for straight forward unbiased information to make important decisions. The trend is Canada is fee for service financial planning. You pay just for what you want or need. You need to be aware of all options to make decisions that are in your best interest.

That is very difficult to find. Most financial businesses are for profit and need you to make those profits. They are the hammer and you are the nail. They promote the investments that they profit most from, not necessarily what is in your best interest. We review your personal financial situation, determine your goals and make a plan. We provide information about the common investment vehicles including risk return scenarios, taxability, fees, expectations, etc. Once you are armed with information and knowledge, only then are you prepared to make important decisions that can greatly impact your future.

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