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In the sport of golf, players make money when they are on the PGA Touring Circuit. To remain on the PGA Tour, a player needs to maintain eligibility by qualifying for a PGA Tour Card. Tour Cards are earned by finishing well in tournaments and on the money-earning list.

Players close to the line are at risk of losing their tour card and thus, reducing their chances to make money. Early in his career, Tiger Woods was asked how he felt about the pressure to maintain his tour card and stay in the running for money. Tiger answered simply, “If I continue to shoot low scores, the money will take care of itself.”

Kelowna planner, Jocko Toic, applies this simple principle to investment advising for his clients in need of a financial plan.

Jocko believes, “If I get you more money, with less fees, the financial plan will take care of itself.”

The goal of financial guidance shouldn’t be to fit the plan to the people. It is to know the client first, then build a plan that works for them. Advising begins with listening. If your financial adviser in Kelowna begins by talking, he or she may have the goals flipped around.

Jocko  adheres to a strict code of conduct in their client and dealer relations. If something is not suitable for you, he is bound by his ethics to advise against it. You will find that  Jocko Toic does business differently.

Cape Cove Financial offers are subject to stringent initial and an ongoing due diligence process. Most investments are eligible to hold in a RRSP or TFSA account.